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Wandering patients and patient elopement are two areas where long term care communities can differentiate themselves in their care and service to their residents. Systems Technologies can help by providing the next generation of resident protection technology. In its simplest form each door is protected by a controller. If a resident wearing a small, lightweight wrist tag approaches the door and the door opens, an alarm is generated and displayed on the console and appropriate staff pocket pagers or other alerting devices so the resident can be intercepted. Or if preferred, the door will lock to prevent the resident from leaving


  • Not prone to false alarms due to its unique technology
  • Smallest and lightest wrist tag in the industry.
  • Can be upgraded to provide asset tracking, staff tracking and patient location on a facility map including name and picture.
  • Staff tags allow doors to unlock automatically
  • System can record the identity of the staff member and the resident he/she is escorting.
  • Detailed information logs document wander incidents and can help family members understand when their loved one's condition has changed, requiring a change in the level of care.
  • Can be programmed to enable a resident to pass through certain exits or to reach a common area while all other exits and residents remain protected.
  • Customizable to give each resident the maximum possible freedom compatible with their safety.

Equipment Options

  • Door kit with controller, contacts, antenna, relay & wireless alarm transmitter
  • Gate kit with weatherproof enclosure, controller, contacts, antenna, relay & wireless alarm transmitter
  • Elevator kit with controller, two antenna for two elevators, contacts, PIR, relay & wireless alarm transmitter
  • Delayed egress magnetic lock
patient wandering system
patient wander system
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