Product Description

The VisionPro® Wireless Security System combines life safety, security and cost effectiveness and provides emergency notification with message escalation for staff, military, student security and Homeland Security applications. The VisionPro® monitor offers unique four function wireless emergency alarm personal transmitters that provide location upon computer look up or when user activated. A full line of wireless emergency alarm devices including flush and surface central monitoring stations, button units for mounting in or under seats and tables, universal transmitters with three ID numbers, and a variety of security devices to monitor emergency exits, stairwell doors, water overflow, temperature change, and other hazards. The commercial wireless security alarm information can be sent via mass notification or to any combination of computer and desktop consoles, PDAs, iPods, readerboards, telephones, cellular phones, pocket pagers, two-way radios, email, central monitoring station, and more.


  • Staff Emergency
  • Schools & Campus
  • Hospitals & Mental Health
  • Clinics & Medical Offices
  • Gated Communities
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Smoke Detection
  • Egress Notification
  • Motion/Glass Breakage

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Equipment Options

  • Wireless Pendant, Wrist & Belt Transmitters
  • Wireless Door and Window exit sensors
  • Wireless pull, push button and patient stations
  • Universal transmitter with three unique ID's
  • Programmable alarm delay timer
  • Smoke/Motion/Water/Glass breakage sensors
VisionLink products
resident check in system


  • Pendant location active lookup Pendant elopement notification
  • Day/Night notification schedules
  • Ships pre-programmed for your application
  • System watchdog assures flawless operation
  • All devices, stations and pendants supervised for operation and battery level
  • Spread spectrum wireless technology ensures the alarms always display
  • Monitors ventilators, exit doors, smoke & motion detectors, equipment & security
  • Corridor and zone lights with one to four color LED's "daisy chain" on a single pair

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VisionPro Brochure

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