product description

No matter how dedicated, nursing staff cannot be everywhere at once. This is where our wireless MicroVision and Vision Link systems can help. They use 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link your patients to your staff 24 hours a day. When a monitored ventilator, IV pump or other device goes into alarm, the patient name, room number and other information is wirelessly transmitted to the console at the nursing station and to pocket pagers or other notification devices carried by your nursing staff.

Prevent Ventilator Alarm Fatigue
Each alarm transmitter has event timer that allows you to set the number of seconds between the ventilator’s initial alarm and when the event is wirelessly transmitted to nursing staff. This helps reduce nuisance alarms that contribute to ventilator alarm fatigue.

User Friendly
Our systems arrive pre-programmed for your use and are very easy to install. Just plug the transmitter into the alarm output on the ventilator, plug the console into an electrical outlet at the nursing station and it's ready to go. Not at the console? No problem. Caregivers can be equipped with optional pocket pagers or other wireless device for alarm call notification. Each alarm call can vibrate or tone to annunciate the call and the display will show the room number or name associated with the device.

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