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Recent studies have shown that improved safety practices make a big difference in actual and perceived patient care. An easy improvement that is widely used and appreciated by residents and their family members is the Resident Check-In feature. Vision Link systems offer a variety of ways that resident check in can be handled. If the resident does not check-in by the selected time of day by using the button provided or automatically by motion, door or toilet flush detector, the resident name, room number and any other appropriate information will be displayed on the monitor. Staff can then print the list and go to each room to check on the resident and ensure their health and safety.

Emergency Pull/Check-In Stations
Since the State Health Department requires every resident bathroom to have an emergency pull station, why not spend a few dollars more for a pull station with a check in button.

Motion Detector
A small surface mount motion detector can be mounted in the resident bathroom to provide automatic resident check-in. It can be installed throughout the facility or just in the rooms of forgetful residents so staff doesn't have to waste time visiting the same folks every day. Easily installed and easily removed, it can be used wherever needed including in stairwells or storage areas after hours so staff is alerted if someone is somewhere they shouldn't be.

This can be mounted at the bathroom door for automatic check-in. It can also be mounted on the apartment door if you have a resident with a propensity to wander and you want staff to be notified if the resident leaves their apartment during the night.

Toilet Flush
When the resident toilet is flushed within the programmable timeframe it will automatically check in the resident.

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