Product Description

Unique Wireless Sensors

Tailored to meet the requirements of the individual community and resident, Intuitive uses small wireless sensors to learn residents’ daily routines. When any out of the ordinary event occurs, Intuitive sends an alert to nursing staff via pocket pager, telephone, iPad or other notification device. Intuitive sensors can be placed in bathrooms to detect frequent or extended bathroom visits all day or just at night. They can be positioned in the bedroom to signal delays in getting up in the morning, or at exit doors to alert staff if the resident wanders out in the night. Sensors can also be positioned in or near a medication storage container. While they cannot indicate whether or not a resident has actually taken their medication, the sensors can indicate whether a resident has opened or accessed the container.

Integrated or Standalone

Intuitive for Memory Care can be added to any Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System and uses the same wireless repeater transmission network as all Vision Link wireless nurse call stations and devices. For communities that already have a different nurse call system in place, Intuitive can operate independently yet send alerts to the same pocket pagers or other notification devices carried by staff members to receive nurse call alarms.

Comprehensive Reports

The data collected by Intuitive is automatically sent to a server for analysis and reporting. This information is accessible to staff via online, password-protected reports available in near real time and as part of daily summary reports emailed to staff members’ PC’s and smart phones. This gives nursing staff the knowledge they need to intervene promptly when Intuitive sends them an alert to an out of the ordinary situation. It also provides a non-intrusive tool that enables directed care which can reduce the risk of accidents and hospitalizations. Intuitive reports also help arm administrators with the information needed to determine the care levels that individual residents require and to make a case for those levels to residents’ families.

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