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We offer wearable fall alarm transmitters that automatically send "Fall Alarm" notification to staff if a patient falls down anywhere within the range of the wireless repeater network and a help request when the button is pressed for assistance. We also offer bed exit monitors that plug directly into the Vision Link or MicroVision bedside patient station for automatic notification to the nursing station and staff pagers when a patient leaves their bed. The system displays the event as a "Bed Exit" with the patient's name, room number and any other desired information. This information is silently sent to staff pocket pagers or other notification devices so the appropriate caregiver can respond.

Bed Monitor - Provides both an alarm at the nursing station console and an in-room alarm with volume control that can be silenced if desired. The system consists of a control unit that is mounted on the headboard of the bed and a pressure sensitive pad that measures variable resistance.

Chair Monitor
- A battery-operated portable monitor with an audible exit alarm which includes a one-year reusable chair sensor pad. The sensor pad is placed on the seat of the chair. The resident is then seated and the monitor is turned on. If the resident attempts to leave the chair, the monitor sounds an audible alarm and wirelessly sends the event information to the nursing station and staff notification devices.

Pendant Transmitter - A personal pendant transmitter can automatically send the wearer's name and location to staff if the resident falls down or leaves a monitored area. The resident can also press the button anytime they need assistance.

Floor Mat Fall Monitor - Weight-sensing floor mats signal a fall alarm when weight is placed on the floor mat fall alarms. Floor Mat signals the fall alarm with as little as one and a half pounds of pressure. The Floor Mat Alarm may be placed at the side of a bed or in a doorway to alert the caregiver when a resident arises or attempts to depart. The alarm information is then wirelessly transmitted to the console and caregiver.

Motion Detector – A small passive infrared (PIR) transmitter that “sees

fall alarm
fall prevention alarms

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