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Exceptional Reporting Capabilities

Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call Systems® and VisionPro Wireless Emergency Call Systems® provide eight Call Analysis Reports including COVID-19 Contact Tracing Report, battery and operational reports, staff and resident reports as a standard feature. If you need additional or a more detailed medical call reporting system showing staff performance, simplified electronic health records, charting, and graphing, then select our optional Advanced Call Analysis Software Package. This license can be installed anytime and is often used by an administrator or nurse manager so they can view all active calls, or just escalated calls, on the system just as if they were sitting at the nursing station. The call reports can also be memorized and automatically emailed to staff on your desired schedule and format. Call analysis reports include staff response times, the number of calls from each patient, room or area, and much more.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Reports

Are you able to provide a call analysis report showing of who and where staff and residents have spent time with while in your facility? The Vision Link II Contact Tracing medical call reporting system can tell you in a matter of seconds which staff and residents an infected individual has been in contact with and where. This helps facilities quickly know who should be tested. Systems Technologies understands the power of knowledge and invaluable information, which is why we have committed substantial time and energy into building a historical reporting mechanism that enhances the way your business functions, while helping to protect your staff and residents during these crucial times.


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