Premium Wander Management System


The WanderVision door controller is a wandering patient solution that provides a fully integrated door controller including a keypad, magnet, backlit color LCD display, piezo sounder, status LED's, USB programming port, either wired or wireless operation, embedded 900MHz transmitter, three dry contacts for optional hardware connectivity.

Fully integrateable with VisionLinkII, MV500Z, or as a stand alone console. The WanderVision can be programmed to control single or dual doors and can determine which resident tags alarm at that location as well as which tags to allowa patient to pass through the door.


WanderVision Wander Management System offers seamless integration with the Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call and Mobile App. It can also send wander alerts to any nurse call system. Vision Link reports show who took the call, their response time and much more. With Mobile App send wander alerts over Wi-Fi to any Android or Apple phone or device including the resident name, photo and door location. Two way voice for Mobile App adds the ability for staff to talk to each other. Pagers, email, text messaging, and more can be set up to notify and escalate alarms until canceled.

WanderVision uses highly accurate RFID to detect a wandering resident and to eliminate nuisance alarms. When a wanderer is detected, the alarm information including door name, resident name, and photo can be sent to staff. Alarms are cancelled by entering a code or scanning a prox card at the door controller or touching a call cancel magnetic wand to the wanderer’s wristband. The system is fully supervised and will notify staff if a wristband or other device has a low battery, becomes inactive or leaves the building.

WanderVision Photo
WanderVision with 10 wrist or Cutaway Buttonless Pendants
wander wrist pendant 5 ct
wrist pendant  5 count 4-22


  • Three dry contact relays for mag lock, CCTV activation.
  • Integrated keypad for staff bypass and event re-set
  • Built in 900MHz transmitter
  • Programmable per door for tag pass through or alarm
  • Piezo alarm sounder with volume and on/off control
  • Dual condition - door open and tag detected
  • Single condition - anytime door is open with tag detected
  • Mag lock override (re-set code)
  • Optional staff notification via Mobile App, Cell phone, pager & more
  • LCD display for alarm information
  • USB port for quick programming updates.


Wandervision Brochure

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